Economics 101: There are finite NEEDS but infinite WANTS. There are abundant resources for meetings the world’s needs, but there will never be enough to meet all our wants.

RIBA-nomics 101: The prevailing contemporary sub-system, where false gods determine what you WANT, which is not what you NEED.

….through a means of exchange created out of nothing, Kun fiya Kun economics…. progress is the goal, ever increasing, doubling and multiplying, infinitely… caring not for the forces of our natural environment, for entropy, for intrinsic value… pictures of thier gods adorn the fiat paper… have trust in this system, have CON-fidence.

Those interested in learning of the origins, workings and current issues with the fiat money system and all related matters are advised to review the following sites. A short selection of these references can be found here, although these are by no means exhaustive. Further links will posted on this blog in due course.



Detlev Schlicter’s latest book, ‘Paper Money Collapse’ gives a valuable insight into this system.


These three films puts the system in a broader context and examines possible solutions found from the abundant nature of the natural world

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