Merchandising Mecca

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Consumerism, Islamic Finance
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The choice is clear

Consumerism. Offer people the choice, they bid up the price for what is on offer, creating a lucrative market, enticing others to participate, increasing revenues. Ensure the availability to the masses, open access to all markets, keep the supply in line, increase demand; higher price tag, greater sales

“No wonder some Muslims feel so at home in Harrods..”

“a steel and concrete metropolis built on the proceeds of enormous oil wealth that showcases their national pride…”

ZamZam Towers

Mecca as it once was…..


..and how it could potentially be ….


Note: this image is simply one of a number of proposals commissioned, the current extension work is not shown in this image. Those interested in another future extension design for the Haram should watch this

Placing these proposals into a broader economic context, Saudi Arabia is one of a number of emerging market nations, with forecast GDP growth in the region of 5-6%, the investment in the mega construction projects such as this is one way of keeping this growth on an upward trend, and therefore is of lesser benefit to the muslim ummah, and perhaps more in favour of those at who have vested interests in the Saudi state. Thus, this demonstrates the way in which the underlying motives behind this rapid expansion are little to do with practical needs, and are wholly (holy) economic (read, keeping apace with the global ribanomic race)  in nature.

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