VIEWING: Ribanomic History #2

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Economics, Fractional Reserve Banking, Monetary System, Paper money
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For more understanding of how we got to where we are now in the world of Ribanomics, I would like to direct you to this series of documentaries:

From Adam Curtis, The Mayfair Set – looking at group of influential British businessmen who made their mark

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy – a more recent (20th Century) look at the implementation of popular economic theories by world governments and their affect on the global marketplace, over the course of the century. An excellent piece showing the evolution of the overt monetary system.

The theme of economic theory and their famous, or even infamous proponents, is explored further in the context of the current crises in this 3-part series, The Masters of Money. The contrasting views of Hayek, Keynes and Marx and the differing application of their work has defined much of the last centuries economic developments. This was a joint production by BBC and the Open University – if anyone can find the full three episodes, please reply to this post with a link.

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