UK to sell Toxic Sukuks

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Debt, Geo Politics, Islamic Finance
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It was announced today that the UK government plans to ask rich Muslims to lend it money

UK issues first Sukuk outside the Muslim world

Reading between the lines; the country is over its head in debt, 900% to GDP by some estimates, and now its time to get Muslims in on the act of bailing the country out – why not exploit as many people as possible, so when interest rates rise, as they inevitably will, and interest (or ‘profit share’ in this case) payments become unbearable, the few within the islamic world that have the funds to buy into this over-rated debt, can loose out, and perhaps go bust, along with the nation and the banks that own its toxic, non-sharia compliant, overpriced, highly risky crap. Why not take out as many players as possible, reset the balance…

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