VIEW: Inside Job

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Economics, Monetary System, Uncategorized
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Oscar-winning documentary by Charles Ferguson, narration by Matt Damon, on the causes, effects and most shockingly, the men who were responsible for one of the greatest recessions of all time. A powerful analysis of the crisis – some of the best material I have seen on this subject matter

Blame must be shared amongst a number of parties, but this film shows just how many of these ‘separate’ institutions are simply run by those from the same circle, who remain in and around the halls of power regardless of which party sits in office. The failings by regulators, boardroom executives, government and ratings agencies were not as genuine as has been made out, for we must understand that in this system, there is always someone benefiting whichever direction the trade goes – rise or fall, the opportunities to profit are endless….


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