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More on Shale…

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Economics, Geo Politics
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A further article on the developing energy trend of Shale Oil and Gas, which supports the previous assertion about the high comparative cost of extracting this fuel to conventional sources. This fact will check any progress this sector makes in terms of its profitability and thus how much uptake it receives.

Dream of US oil independence slams against shale costs

….however the potential for large new discoveries is still large, as this piece elaborates…

Worlds next Shale boom

Another example of how the truth hides in plain view, Standard & Poor’s give an account of the true workings of money creation and the system which dominates us.

See this link for documented proof of this as well as a host of other excellent resources from the Positive Money campaign group seeking monetary reform, educating the masses on the true nature of this system.

“Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.” John Maynard Keynes

A supporter of commodity money, Dominic Frisby gives an excellent run through the whole history of fiat money and its pitfalls. Those who are rushed for time, please view this short video…

Is this a free and transparent society? Does the monetary system seek to control the level of information publicly available? Here is a recent article detailing exactly what the policy is for Bank of England records deemed not worth of public consumption…

If another perspective were needed on what we know about money and the way we treat it in our lives, then this video is useful in re-emphasing much of what has already been posted on this blog, in addition to learning some new opinions which help clarify the situation further

View this material below, a transcript is also available here, under video seven of the Confusion Programs

The more money they make on their money the more debt the 1% holds. And you get to work even harder. The more money there is the less its value. Your labour is being decreased in value and the rich people’s money is expanding through your debt. Wake up

There is indeed an alternative theory which seeks to replace the failings of Fractional Reserve Banking, and reasons that a bank should only create loans which are 100% backed by Government created money, therefore eliminating their ability to become the main source of credit and profit from their special position.

The following article explores how this could potentially work and gives an insight to its pros and cons

Although it’s an unrealistic goal given the power of commercial banks in the fiat system, this article is very frank in its admission of how money is brought into existence and the monopoly power of bankers. Just one example showing how mainstream media does not hide this truth, but rather no one is listening/reading and these voices are simply being drowned out by other distractions