Posted: August 19, 2014 in Consumerism
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BBC Two recently aired an outstanding three-part documentary series charting the conception and rise of the modern ultra consumerist/materialist social construct.

The most notable aspect of this series is the identification of the people who initiated these trends, and the documented techniques by which we were and still are being, duped into partaking in this lifestyle. Note these Men are all White, however not all White people are White supremacists, yet all White Supremacists are White.

It is fascinating to see the evolution of this consumerist phenomena, from the early 20th century products, to the new economy target killing/selling of today.

Those who wave the flag for the freedom of choice that free markets support must question how much choice is on offer here and how free is your will to make that decision? This smacks of yet another example of how we think we are free, however behind the curtains our paths are being laid out for us, so where is the difference with grand socialism, large statist influences and mind control by a dominant power?

Methods such as using fear, creating fake illnesses and using children to persuade adults to impulse buy, demonstrate the extent to which we are manipulated and used as bait for benefit of vested interests.

Presented by Jacques Peretti, from a number of other ‘Men Who Made us..’ documentaries, here is an article covering a number of the serious issues raised in the programmes;


Here is a link to episode 1, all three parts are recommended viewing;


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