Free Speech and Free Markets

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Economics, Geo Politics, Statistics
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Freedom is indeed a misunderstood construct

Freedom is in the hands of the beholder (who has the power)

Consider this from MoneyWeek, regarding the upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve to decide the direction of interest rates. Other parts of the ‘Free World’ also experience similar detailed focus of their communications…

And, perhaps more to the point, the Fed is meeting tonight, and everyone is worried that it’s getting closer to raising interest rates. It’s not that rates will rise tonight. It’s just that Wall Street expects the Fed will remove the word “patient” from its communication.

By the mysterious osmosis through which markets absorb information, that apparently means that the Fed will probably raise rates in June (September at the latest).

As I’ve said countless times in the past, it’s somewhat pathetic that the words of one individual sitting in a meeting room somewhere in the US can upset our ostensibly free markets more than any amount of economic data.

But there you go.


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