The Crazy World of Financial Markets

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Debt, Economics, Paper money
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…three logical reasons to buy Swiss bonds on negative yields.

Of course there’s a problem here. And that’s the fact that these logical reasons are founded on us continuing to live in an utterly insane world.

Any situation can be viewed in different ways by different people…is the glass half full or half empty? But the theory, logic and even the mass statistics which can be used to support this, only serves to highlight the way in which any case can be argued and ultimately it is down to subjectivity. When we truly concern ourselves with an element of personal liberty and real freedom, who will then argue that my stance is better than yours?

Throw into the mix that there may be a general (a very loosely defined term) opinion about what is actually right or wrong, one can see that ultimately, you can make your choice and you will be judged by it.

As many commentators seek to prove/disprove competing theories of what is the fairest and most prosperous system of them all, consider the above quote in this piece by MoneyWeek where the current logic of the financial markets is put into context.

This was written regarding the recent selling of debt by some European governments for negative yields, whereby an investor will get back less than what they originally paid….and they willingly accept those terms…

The bond market keeps getting crazier – don’t get caught in the rout

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