Poverty Stats

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Poverty, Statistics
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In a number of posts thus far, I have referred to the way in which our worldview is increasingly shaped by definitions. And who has defined these terms? Certainly politicians over many years have meddled with how to measure social issues, and have then moved the goal posts, sometimes  in their favour in order to ‘solve’ these issues.

I have previously posted articles highlighting the issue of measures such as the official inflation rate – what it includes and even excludes, therefore can it really be an indication of what is happening to general prices in an economy.

The very health of the economy in statistics such as GDP, Quarterly Growth, and National Debt have all been shown to be highly subjective and are more interesting for what they do not capture.

This piece, once again concerns our definition of poverty. In order for the government to tackle this blight, we first need to be clear how we class someone as being poor. It shows that with a few alterations in these parameters, we can potentially get a completely different picture, whilst whatever the reality is, it will not change for the many who are in these conditions.

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