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Posted: June 11, 2016 in Consumerism, Poverty
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The Islamic month of abstention (Ramadhan) began on Monday 6th June 2016

A month when we cease to eat and drink; we cease to consume.

We are no longer consumers, we will not buy what is being sold, yet we will give up of our property to those who need it most.

The economic undertones of this period are worth considering

After reading a post from Money Week, I started to realise;

Communism encourages central planning

Central planning can become stifling and dictatorial

An overt form of control and destruction of freedom

Central bankers are unelected, powerful and have a mandate to decide the how much of your wealth they should erode

This permeates many aspects of our lives, taking an important element of control away from us

This quasi governments dictates its view of the how the world should work, what now for liberty and democracy?

Central bankers ARE central planners, this democracy is not to dissimilar to communism after all