Global Trade; Global Imperialism #2

Posted: July 30, 2017 in Economics, Geo Politics, Imperialism
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Nothing is as plain and straight forward as it appears

I could conceivably accept that if all nations were free to trade with each other, equitably, then this would indeed be a great solution to enable prosperity and cooperation across diverse cultures and lands. But this notion assumes every participant actually has any real freedom at all, and that they have all necessary resources available to them.

Freedom has a price, and business of creating and distributing freedom is a lucrative one

I put it you readers, that the prevailing global trade infrastructure is a manipulated construct as a result of an imperialist design.

Putting imperialism into context is foremost before any discourse on the merits or otherwise of neo-capitalism can take place. It is in this vein that I would like to share this remarkably well written piece by Pankaj Mishra…

The author also writes for Bloomberg, consider some of these pieces too….


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