What counts as ethical investing, when there’s yield to chase?

Posted: October 25, 2019 in Debt, Geo Politics
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“It’s the era of socially responsible investment – ooh hello, Saudi Aramco”

With interest rates so low for so long (emergency measures they say?) the chance to earn greater returns, could be too much to pass by, even if it risks loosing face for the supposed ethical stance adopted for the sake of good PR(opergander)

This piece from MoneyWeek reflects on the difficult decision which exposed most of the investment community, in being very quick to discard any thoughts of ethics when it came to investing with a regime which very publicly killed a journalist not so long ago…

One of the most telling stats is how much a bond sale is oversubscribed. This gives an idea of the amount of orders compared to the original amount on offer; for Saudi Aramco’s $10bn sale, they received almost $90bn of orders – almost 10 times oversubscribed….! That’s quite a lot of disapproval folks!

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