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Poor countries don’t need charity. They need justice.

Is this another deception with our perception of ‘The World’?

One of the most comprehensive reports into the real financial transfers into and out of the developing world shows that the extraction of wealth from the third world, much of it former colonies, continues apace.

Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones

How Poor Countries Develop Rich Countries

I find the fact that some $4trillion since 1980 is attributed to debt interest repayments fascinating. The scale of this particular transfer is testament to the continued servitude of many nations states.

When many times more is sent back in exchange for every dollar received in aid, does this not sound like a familiar profit making enterprise at work?

Reading the original report, I find this sentence especially on point…

Much improved statistical compilation and reporting is required in order to have a more adequate picture of global financial flows; a task that urgently needs to be undertaken collaboratively by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Bank for International Settlements.

Is this a list of the usual suspect organisations?



The Inherent Flaws of Europe

Human beings need a “focus of belonging”. If they don’t get it via their nation, they end up “viewing themselves as belonging to a religious sect… or a racial or linguistic group”. You “can’t have a civilised, peaceful democratic society on that basis”.

Bernard  Connolly, author of The Rotten Heart of Europe

With the potential impending exit of Greece from the european single currency, it is worth understanding how the whole Euro project was an economically unsound piece of political propaganda in the first instance.

The desire to spread the net to as many countries as possible, despite their questionable financial positions was all in the name of presenting a strong image of unity, which was never there in the first place. Take the story of Greece and the assistance of Goldman Sachs in helping it fudge its entry into this union; it is the people at large who are ultimately paying the severe price of this and many others continental sized mistakes.

The above article based on a book originally released in 1995, shows once more how these early warning signs, obvious to many, were largely plastered over and suppressed by those trying to steamroll public opinion in favour of their desires.

This sounds all too familiar to the concerns raised before the financial crises in 2008, I wonder how well those in authority are now listening to the heightened concerns of the current cheap money era policies?

Such is the cost to the citizen of being part of not only a nation state, but a continental super state.